Frequently asked questions

Migrating to Brinjel

Will it be easy to migrate from Qrop?

Yes, as easy as importing your Qrop database (.sqlite or .db)! You’ll just have to upload it to Brinjel, and you’ll be ready to plan. Some parts of the user interface is going to change, but we tried to keep the Qrop user experience as much as possible to make the migration easy.

Will it be easy to import from Excel, Calc or CSV file?

We’re going to improve the CSV import feature, which had several bugs in Qrop.

Will Brinjel still be free and open source software?

Yes! We firmly believe in free software values and trust the Qrop community. We believe it is possible to make a living with free software which respects your data and listens to its users. Qrop’s desktop version was GPL-licensed. Brinjel will use the AGPL license, which is even more protecting, since it has “an additional term to allow users who interact with the licensed software over a network to receive the source for that program”.

Will it still be possible to user Qrop’s desktop version?

Yes, but we won’t do any maintenance or bug fixing. Our all working time will be dedicated to Brinjel’s development. The source code of Qrop will still be free, but the Framagit repository and all relevant issues will be transferred to to Brinjel’s repository.

Will it be possible to use Brinjel offline?

No, it won’t be possible to use Brinjel offline, unless you self-host it on your computer. It seems to us that most Qrop users have access to reliable internet connections, and we prefer to dedicate our time to team features. It it not impossible that one day we will add an offline feature, but this is not a top priority for us.


Will my data be safe?

We will make daily backups of your data. Moreover, the data stored on our servers will be isolated by farm. It will no be possible for another Brinjel user to access your data if you didn’t give the rights to her. You will be able to download your whole farm data stored on our servers. No farm data will be transmitted to third parties. Your data belongs to you!


Will I have to pay to use Brinjel?

Since Brinjel is free and open source software, every one with the necessary knowledge will be able to self-host it and use all its features. However, those who want maintenance and support will be able to pay for service. This will ensure a stable revenue for Brinjel’s developer, who will be able to work full-time on the app’s development, maintenance and infrastructure.

How much will it cost?

We know about the economical situation of many farmers. We’ve been through all of this during 6 years. That’s why the subscription will cost 5 €/5 $ per month or 54 €/54 $ per year. Sure, if you have a better financial situation or have a bigger farm, you will be able to pay more! We won’t track your farm size for these criteria. If needed, we may put some restrictions on your data size (eg. storing many photos may have a cost). You trust us, we trust you.


Are there any training sessions planned?

For now, we don’t plan training sessions or workshops in English.