Qrop becomes Brinjel: roadmap 2023-2024

After a long period of thinking and developing, Qrop is getting a new name, becomes a paid-subscription online app, but stays free-as-in-freedom!

Qrop becomes Brinjel

Qrop is a registered trademark… of synthetic fertilizers. Since we want to avoid any confusion, we have decided to change the name of the app. Since our logo is an eggplant, Qrop becomes Brinjel, which simply means “eggplant” in several countries.

September 2023: private beta version

In order to thoroughly test the new web version, we will work with 8 farmers who will give feedback about the beta version. With them, we will work on the most important parts of the new app: improving the existing features, migrating from Qrop, user experience… These 8 beta-testers will receive a free 3-years subscription to Brinjel!

December 2023: first public version

The first public version will be released in December 2023, so most northern-hemisphere market gardeners will be able to plan their season.

2024: developing new features

Using the feedback we will receive and the long list of Qrop issues, we will implement new features during the whole year. We will soon list these upcoming features on our blog. Stay tuned!

Any questions?

Have a look at the frequently asked questions. If needed, contact us!