Open source crop-planning for market gardeners

Plan your season and track your crops with a free and open source software made by market gardeners for market gardeners.

Plan your season
Design your crop plan: plantings, crop, varieties, bed lengths, spacings, densities, expected yields... Visualize each season. Easily create, duplicate, delete, batch-edit, sort and filter plantings.
Keep track of your tasks
Manage your tasks week by week: sowing, transplanting, weeding, trellising, irrigating... Automatically generate sowing and planting tasks and get seed quantities and number of flats to start in nursery. Quickly filter out overdue, due and done tasks. Track your labor cost by task.
Manage your field map and crop rotations
Design your crop map by drag n' dropping your plantings on your field map. Get the crop history of every single bed to ensure good rotations.
Track your harvests and crop yields
Keep track of each harvest and get real-time crop yields.
Seeds and transplants list
Autogenerate a list of the seeds and transplants to buy based on your crop plan.
Charts and analytics
Analyze your results (yield, working time, gap between what you planned and what really happened) to better plan for the next year.
Take notes and photos
Write notes, take photos and link them to your plantings, tasks or locations.
Invite other people on your farm space. Manage authorizations (guest, manager, crew member, seasonal worker). Assign tasks to team members.